Resources for The Bionic Hacker

Welcome to Summer Jam's The Bionic Hacker! This SJ hackathon is all about the quantified self. We want to see what you can do with all the 'digital exhaust' that surrounds us all.


Our title sponsor for this hackathon is BaseHealth. BaseHealth allow you to include evidence-based health assessments into your projects. #science

The BaseHealth Developer Program is targeted at developers and organizations that want to build compelling health and well being applications. If you have a great idea to engage people in their health and well being, these APIs provide a head start in integrating robust risk assessments into your application.

BaseHealth Developer Program

Other Resources

There are lots of great resources available from

Quanitfied Self Guide

Jawbone Developer

Fitbit Developer

Apple HealthKit

Lastly when you've got all that data ChartJS will help you display it!

Happy Hacking!

Richard @fwdmedia